Bloomingdale Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinary practice that has been serving the community for over forty five years.  Since 1960 we have offered our clientele a well-trained staff of accredited veterinarians and technicians. 

We are proud to feature the most up-to-date facilities and equipment for the treatments of your pets, both in preventive and therapeutic medicine.

About Us
138 Glenwild Avenue, Bloomingdale, NJ  07403

We perform many services to maintain your pet's well-being such as spaying, neutering and declawing.

Our veterinarians routinely perform surgery to repair wounds, remove tumors and treat conditions of the stomach, bowel, urinary tract, eyes and ears.  If specialized surgery is required, we will refer you to the appropriate veterinary specialist.  We use the safest and most advanced anesthesia in all procedures.  Special attention is paid to pain management through the use of safe and effective analgesic medication.

We stock a complete drug inventory so that all necessary medications can be dispensed for your pet before he leaves the hospital.


We use the highest quality vaccines from well known laboratories to protect your pet from disease.  If for any reason a vaccination is not advisable, a blood titer can be performed on your pet to insure protection against infectious disease.  We also maintain a computerized reminder system to notify you when vaccinations and boosters are due.
Bloomingdale Animal Hospital

Internal & External LaboratoryTesting
Canine / Feline Dentistry

Before a dental procedure is scheduled, a general physical exam with pre-anesthetic bloodwork is highly recommended.
An oral exam is done under general anesthesia to determine the extent of the dental.  Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, hydration status and temperature are carefully monitored while under anesthesia.  Scaling above and below the gumline, polishing and irrigation are all integral parts of a routine dentistry.  Extractions are performed when necessary.   Patients are discharged later in the day and pet owners are given pain medication if needed along with detailed home care instructions. Routine brushing of the teeth is of utmost importance.
A discount will be applied to any routine dental cleaning.
Post-Surgical Care

The staff of Bloomingdale Animal Hospital care about your pet.  Special attention is given to pets recovering from anesthesia.  We make their experience at the hospital as pain-free as possible.

Medical Record Keeping

We are an AAHA hospital and follow strict protocol, even with our medical records.
History and physical exam findings, from puppy/kitten to senior, can be found in your pet's chart.
Blood Pressure

We have the capability to monitor your pet's blood pressure while under anesthesia as well as during regular visits to monitor hypertension.
Trained Technicians

Our technicians are trained to  service your pet,
whether it be cutting nails, drawing blood samples,
dental scaling, or assisting the veterinarian.
Blood Pressure Monitoring