I am a Vet Tech.

I am a nurse, an anestheiologist, an x-ray technician, a maid,
a janitor, a surgery assistant, a loving hand, a pharmacist,
a teacher, a mortician, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to cry with,
a sucker for a furry face, a lover of all pets, a face to lick,
a midwife, a dental hygienist, a mediator, a vet's best friend,
a pet's best friend, a babysitter, a physical therapist, a mother or father, a playmate, a chew toy, a protector
I can

make the pain go away,  save a life, see what is wrong, ease
a mind, fill a drug order, show the right way, end suffering, give kisses, get kisses, bring someone to do the right thing. 
I have

a strong stomach, a big heart, a thoughtful mind, an education,
the strength to do what is right, even when it hurts,                      the deepest love for all creatures.  

                 (and a receptionist makes them look good)                         

Celebrate Veterinary