Winter Words Of Wisdom

​Keep Those Legs Running
Winter is a time to keep to your shared exercise regimen, but be smart.  After dark you can't go throwing a frisbee in the park or taking a swim in the lake,  It could be too cold.  Some cities have indoor gyms with dog-friendly spots for a warm run-around.  You could also turn your own home into a mini-gym with a game of fech up and down the hall or up and down the stairs.  For cats, dig up those feather toys and post holiday cardboard boxes and go crazy.

Pause For Paws

If it's particularly cold, your dog needs protective clothing, just like you.  Your dog may have fur but because of warm temperatures indoors, they're not ready for below freezing temperatures.


​​Big Changes

Real physiological changes happen in a cat or dog's body in the winter.  Metabolism slows down to store energy more effectively and efficiently than in spring or summer.  Winter is the time our bodies store more energy as fat.

​Cut Calories

​​​​It's OK in winter to get a little less exercise but to maintain a healthy weight, you need to watch your dinner plate and your pet's food bowl.  check with your veterinarian about calculating the right amount of food for winter.  Watch the holiday treats you give your cat or dog.  Stick to crunchy vetetables, meat and fish instead of sugar-filled or high-carb snacks.​​

Let your pet indulge with special treats and simple snacks
We all know what it's like around the holiday season, it's why our pants always seem to have shrunk a bit by January.  The same goes for our pets.  Biscuits, bacon, pizza and pastries top the list of pet diet busters.  Start off the new year by giving them something better.  Not just healthy morsels to keep them from bulging out of their sweaters.