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Bongo Elvis Lane


Pet of the Week
Bongo Elvis Lane
February 7 - February 14

My name is Bongo.  Bongo Elvis Lane, to be perfectly proper.  My oldest human brother named me Bongo. Bongos are drums which originated in Cuba.  I am a Havanese, a breed that also originated in Cuba. I am soon to be turning 9 years old.  Still look like a puppy, wouldn’t you say? I am a hypo-allergenic breed so I don’t shed. This is quite an accomplishment with all my hair.

My entire family really enjoys me. How could they not…  I’m playful, loving and quiet, most of the time. The only thing that makes me want to bark is the sound of a big truck.  I have a collection of many toys but my favorite toy has to be my orange, squishy, smiley ball. I amuse myself playing with my squishy ball.  There are very few times my family gets annoyed with me. One is when orange squishy decides to roll under the couch and mom has to get it for me, and the other is when I wake mom and dad up early on the weekends.

If you asked me what my favorite place to visit is, I would have to say Petco.  I love seeing eye-to-eye with other dogs my size. I can also pick out more orange squishy toys.

My family and I are very happy we found each other.