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​Pet Of The Week
Matilda Gillespie
August 18 - August 24

Hello, I’m Matilda. I am a recently adopted, 3 ½ year old tortoise shell cat. My parents found me through Bloomingdale Regional Animal Shelter Society. I have beautiful markings and my disposition is just as beautiful. My mom and dad never get angry with me. They think I am cutest when I sleep on my back.
I love playing with my sister, Fu Fu and my catnip mouse. I can actually trap my catnip mouse with my back legs. That’s my best trick.
Sleeping is what I’m really good at. I can fall asleep anywhere, especially the couch. Speaking of the couch, I do like to scratch and sharpen my claws on the couch sometimes. I’m not allowed to do that, of course but if no one’s looking I might try.