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Pet of the Week
Zeus Carver
September 16 - September 21

Hello, my name is Zeus!  I am a 7 month old French Bulldog.  My mom and dad named me Zeus because I may be small, but I have a BIG personality and mom likes names beginning with Z :)
My parents think I am cutest when I’m snuggling up to them for naps or just doing anything in general, because I’m the cutest ever. 
I love playing with my girlfriend Bean, a Boston Terrier and my toy.., well all of my toys, actually.  I’m kind of spoiled and have too many toys. My favorite is probably my squeaky cow that mom and dad call my Moo. 
My best trick is speak!  I snort and make funny noises when I speak and the ladies at Bloomingdale Animal Hospital always want to see my speak trick when I visit them.  My favorite treat is peanut butter. On occasion, I’m a little annoying when I chew dad’s feet for attention. My favorite place to visit is Ramapo Reserve.  I love to go for hikes, get all the pets and meet other puppies at the park.
I love getting treated like a celebrity when I come to Bloomingdale Animal Hospital.  I know that I’m handsome and all the wonderful people there remind me every time and give me lots of treats just for being so cute.