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Chula Parisi


Pet of the week
Chula Parisi
January 10 - January 17

Hello, my name is Chula.  I am a 6 month old female, domestic short-haired cat.  I was found by a friend of my mom’s when I was just a tiny baby.  Mom’s friend lives in Pennsylvania. I was looking for a home and climbed 30 steps to sit at her door.  She told mom about me and the rest is history.
Mom’s friend gave me the name Chula.  Mom was told Chula meant cute but when mom googled the name, “crazy” came up as the true meaning.  I’m actually both so it’s perfect!

I’m still a kitten so I’m loaded with energy.  I just love to rip around my house. My favorite toys are bottle caps and toy mice.  I can play fetch with bottle caps. I’m really quite good.

I’m not particularly fond of having my tummy rubbed but I do make exceptions… I allow Jess, the technician at Bloomingdale Animal Hospital to rub my belly.  No one else is permitted, not even mom. 

Sometimes I’m naughty.  I scratch at the couch and knock everything off the countertops.  Great fun!

I still enjoy visiting mom’s friend in Pennsylvania.  It’s my favorite place to visit.